Thursday, July 21, 2016

Sat the 23rd

Hey Guys,

Sorry for the late post, long hot busy week this week.  Hope you had fun last weekend while I was away with family.  This weekend I should be back and will continue with Pathfinder.   The party has taken a break from adventuring to rest and resupply.  And get into further mischief.  Leng men, mad alchemists, and a circus performance.  And that was just on your first day.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring??

Also, I've looking at some material for the next campaign I run.  I've found another 3rd party setting that looks interesting and may be suitable for the wide range of playing styles the group has.  I'll bring some info about it and see what everyone thinks.  See you Sat.

Burgers and Brats. Need buns.
I will probably be real late on Saturday. I have to work and after that have meet a friend at my house so I can try to get more of my stuff out of the house my Monday, especially my gaming books. I will only get probably get one trip from my friend, but still need to pack a lot of that stuff into boxes and crates. Then he has to help me put togethere myou desks. I'll keep in touch.
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I should be there, and maybe Dwight and Curtis.
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