Thursday, June 23, 2016

Saturday, June 25th

So, Kevin messaged me yesterday on Facebook.  He said that his laptop was acting up and that he took it into the shop to get a virus(es) removed from it.  He is not sure if he will get it back before Saturday or not.  So, because of this, he will not be able to prepare for our confrontations and unless he messages on here before Saturday, he will -NOT- be able to run.  Know it is an almost last thing, especially since Terry has to take a test on Saturday and he may not be able to prepare for his game.  So, if Curtis is coming, maybe he will have been able to prepare Only War session.  If not, then I guess we will be playing board games.

Who can be there?

I have to work on Saturday, so, it will be after 4:30 pm before I can get there.
Hey Guys, I'm back online finally, sort of. I got a very nasty computer virus earlier this week and had to take the laptop in for repairs. I got it back yesterday but have had lots of difficulties still (I'll have some questions to ask y'all Sat). Anyhow, I will have something ready for Pathfinder for Sat. See you then, who will be there??
Haven't been shopping yet since both SAMS and COSTCO close before I would have been able to get to them this week, so I'll be looking for materials to craft dinner tomorrow afternoon. Glad you can make it Kevin, I haven't gotten home before 9pm any night this week, so I wouldn't have been able to prepare anything.

See you all tomorrow.
I'll probably be there, and hopefully Dwight and Curtis, too.
Ok, change of plans for me. My uncle wants to go visit one of the two apartments I've narrowed it down to this weekend and the only time they are open for us to do this is Saturday. They are open til 5 pm, so we are going to try and get there after 4 pm, since I have to work, and I don't get off until 4. So, it will be cutting things close for the visit. So, it will probably be after 5 before I can get there.
Terry -- No problem. Maybe we should order pizza instead?? We can discuss it when we get there.

Paul -- Just show up when you can.
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