Thursday, June 16, 2016

Saturday, June 18th

So, it is Thursday and Kevin hasn't posted yet.  Either he is really sick, or really busy, or not going to be here this weekend.  So, in any case, I've started a post to get things rolling.  If Kevin speaks up, then we will be doing this campaign on Saturday.  If he doesn't, then it will either be Terry's or Curtis's, unless someone else wants to run something that everybody wants to play.

Who will be there?

I don't have to work, so I will try to get there earlier than normal for me when I do work.

Hi Guys, sorry but been crazy this week. I'll run Pathfinder barring anything unforseen occuring. See you Sat.
Beef n Pork and baked beans.
I should be there, as should Dwight and hopefully Curtis.

Also, Dwight looked up Coupe de Grace in the 5th printing of the core rulebook (and we confirmed this last Sunday with copies in the store) - it is no longer a death effect. So, more traditional means of bringing back a dead character should work.

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