Monday, May 23, 2016

Saturday, May 28th

Ok, so, Kevin said that he would not be here this weekend, as he would be in Lake Tahoe on vacation.  Either Terry, Dwight or Curtis will have to run if we do anything this weekend.

Remember, Monday is also Memorial Day.  Kevin mentioned something about meeting up at the store to play some games.  We can discuss this further on Saturday and see what everybody wants to do, if anything.

I'll be there on Saturday.  I don't work, so, I will try to get there early.  How early depends on if Terry has any tests he needs to take or not.

Not taking a test this weekend. I've got a bit of a reprieve, so I'll only be attempting tests once, maybe twice a month now.

Ribs and chuck steak for dinner. Baked beans for a side.

If I'm GMing, remember to level your characters to level 8. You're in Absalom deciding how best to use your talents to defend it. The giant you interrogated said they were after the starstone and the book, that they had teams ready to take down the walls and that they had a plan to deal with the blockages in the bay. You know the book isn't really in the city, and that the starstone shouldn't even be stealable. It seems like the giants are on a fool's quest, and so far both fire and frost giants are cooperating on this impossible mission.
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