Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Saturday, June 4th

We had a good time Monday night at the store playing board games.  It was Dwight, Kevin, Matt, Rob and myself that showed up and we made a new friend that night that played with us.

Kevin has said that he will be out again this weekend.  So, it is up to either Terry, Dwight or Curtis to run the game for this weekend.  Kevin has also stated that he will be out on the 11th as well.  So, play accordingly.

Who can be there for the 4th?

I have an Otakon meeting down in DC that day.  I will be taking the Metro in, so, I will try to us the Metro station that is down by Terry, so I can get there quickly once I leave the meeting.

Dwight will probably be there; not sure about Curtis or myself.
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