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Sat the 12th

Hey Guys,

So the party has successfully made its way into the Darklands in time to arrive at the town of Embla.  Traveling and fighting through tremendous obstacles and perils, the party arrives in time.   But Embla is barely surviving.  The town is on edge, waiting for the final attack the hostile elves are sure to be preparing.  Thanks to Terry for hosting and dinner.

Ok this weekend, I have some other stuff going on, so I won't be running Pathfinder this Sat.  The party is about to enter a very difficult part of the adventure, so you should prepare your characters.  Level up to 8th and stock up.  You have a week off  (7 days) if you want to craft or have things crafted.  If I can get a sales list, I will get to work on it and post it ASAP.  Hope to see you guys the following weekend.  Have fun in town, but keep the landshark and tusk gnome on a short leash.  They're their to save the town, whether the dwarves know it or not.

Ok, so, for me, since next week is Spring Break at the college, it is more important that I get my character leveled up so I can print it at work tomorrow. I'll work on the sales list either at Terry's on Saturday or some time during next week.

As for this Saturday, I don't work, so I will try to get to Terry's early, if possible.
Chile Verde for dinner. Hopefully I'll get up early enough to cook real beans, but I've got refried beans if I'm too lazy.

Hopefully Curtis can run Only War, if not, bring your rifts and pathfinder characters and I'll run.
For Kevin's, can someone make me an Efficient Quiver? If not, I'll buy one if they have one in the town we are in.
I won't be able to make it this weekend - family stuff.
Paul I think you will have to buy an efficient quiver. I believe either Curtis or Rob has the proper feat (craft wondrous item), but neither has the spell (secret chest) or the caster level (9th) necessary yet. You could buy a scroll but that costs 1125 gp and then the creation costs another 900 gp. The quiver by itself is only 1800 gp.
Here is the list:

6 Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds
1 Sleep arrow
2 MW Studded Leather
1 MW Composite Shortbow
2 Cloak of Resistance +1
3 Ring of Protection +1
1 MW Siagham
1 MW Javelin
6 Chainshirt
3 Light Wooden Shield
3 Club
1 Dagger
16 MW Breastplate
11 MW Great Axe
1 MW Hand Crossbow
1 MW Rapier
1 Chainshirt +1
1 Fancy Earrings – 50 gp
1 Shock Spike Chain +1
1 MW Hide Armor
4 Falchion +1
1 Shield Harness (minor artifact)
1 bunch of books
1 Scroll of Gentle Repost
4 Rusty Rapier
4 Broken Hand Crossbow
127 Bolts
5 Wine – 200 gp each
1 Full Plate +1
2 Ruby – 750 gp each
1 WM Cold Iron Rapier
1 Invisible Book
2 Potion of Cure Light Wounds
3 Tunderstone
4 Ruby – 40 gp each
10 Diamonds – 10 gp each
1 Great Bag of Tricks
1 Cantrip Pipe
1 Ring of Improved Jumping
6 Longsword
18 Javelins
1 Large Great Axe Dragonbane +1
1 Flaming Burst Greatsword +1
1 Chainmail +2
1 Potion of Cure Serious Wounds
1 Scholar’s Ring
1 Rod of Thunderous Force
1 Dark Skull (resist fire)
1 Paralysis Gloves
6 Dragonbane Arrow
1 Boots of the Vengeful Behir
1 Morg’s Magic Periapt (Cha +6) (Lunatic’s Cap)
1 Dust of Tracelessness
1 Teleport Token
1 Warhammer of Warning +2
1 Scroll of Raise Dead
3 MW Scimitar
3 Heavy Steel Shield
1 Cylindrical Case of Doom
1 MW Heavy Mace
1 MW Composite Longbow (STR 14)
4 Studded Leather Armor +1
4 Buckler
5 Hand Crossbow
4 Rapier
4 “Drow” Insignia
1 Heavy Mace +1
1 Composite Longbow (STR 16)
1 Flaming Scimitar +1
1 Shortsword
1 Whip
1 Wand of Eagle Splendor – 32 charges
1 Improved Studded Leather Armor +2
1 Hand Crossbow +1
1 Scorpion Whip
1 Ring of Protection +3
1 Insignia Ring – special (from Drow Cleric in last encounter)
1 Fire Resist Impervious Mithril Full Plate of Speed +1
1 Impervious Light Fortification Spined Mithril Heavy Shield +1

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