Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Sat the 23rd

Hey Guys,

Hope you are staying warm when you read this.  Got so cold at work last night I had to jump in the freezer to get warm.  So, I have good new and bad news.  Good news is that I got my computer working again.  Long story though so I'll have to wait until I see you again to explain it.  Speaking of, there's a possibility for heavy snow this weekend.  Not sure how accurate the forecast is, have to wait til further in the week.  I'll run Pathfinder if possible, but I'll update Friday when I'm sure.   If not, then we'll try again next Saturday.  See you soon, weather permitting.

I will be there, unless another Snowpocolypse happens before Saturday. If it doesn't happen, I have to work this Saturday (so, I'm hoping it doesn't happen and they don't make stupid decisions before they even see what the weather is really going to be and close the school down), so, it will be after 4:30 before I will be there. If it does happen, I can still come, but that decision will be left to Terry if he wants us spending the night again like last year when something like this happened.

Just as a note, I will NOT be able to play the following weekend, 30th, as I will be at a retreat from Friday to Sunday.
The current forecast calls for blizzard conditions Friday night through Saturday, with snowfall amounts easily exceeding 1-foot. Barring some sudden and total disappearance of this storm, I will staying at home and keeping off the roads this Saturday.

Just planning hamburgers for dinner if anyone shows up. Bring whatever you'd like to get stuck here for a night if the prophesied snopocalispe arrives after you get here instead of Friday afternoon.

I will be in CA on Jan 30th... I hope... haven't bought plane tickets yet. But spending a week in CA with my parents for christmas break... only a month late.
Kevin, did I ever share this link with you?


It doesn't have the newest stuff that (that just arrived... I need more boxes now). But now I have building and other city stuff. Looks really nice.
Well, already heard from my boss at the college and they have already announced that they will be closed from Friday at noon all the way through to Sunday.

Matt and I talked with Rob and he seems to feel the same way as Matt. If the snow starts on Friday, he will probably not come to gaming on Saturday. So, if that is the case, I might as well just stay home as well if it does start on Friday.
Alright, looks like this weekend is shot due to the snow. I guess I'll hibernate this weekend and dream up some new monstrosities, err, challenges for the party to face. Next weekend Terry and Paul are out, so we'll need some alternate plans. Though now I have even more time to prepare some really fun stuff. Be safe this weekend and don't do anything too dumb. Hope to see you next weekend.
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