Monday, November 02, 2015

Sat Nov 7

Hi Guys,

Longtime no see.  Hope you've had a fun while I was away for a few weeks. Personally, I'm glad October is over.  Long story, but it was quite an up and down month for me.  Glad I can get back to some normalcy, if our lives can be called normal.

So what have you been up to??  Something involving chaos and mayhem I'm sure.  I understand Curtis has been running something.  What is it and how are you guys progressing?

This week I'd like to continue with Pathfinder.  It's been a while, so let's review.  The party had taken up residence in the frontier town of Rybalka as "problem solvers" for the local officials.  After some minor misadventures involving lacy underwear, feathers, and some furry critters, the party was invited to take part in a local religious ceremony.  The "Ceremony of Light" takes place in the town cathedral and is designed to prevent darkness and evil from taking over and destroying the settlement. However someone or something had attacked the cathedral in order to disrupt the ceremony your party was observing.   When last we left our idiotic, err, intrepid heroes, they had been fighting possessed bell ropes and fake zombies above and under the cathedral.  The party is searching for the head cleric and his powerful artifact, still attempting to fight off the evil forces that have disrupted the ceremony.

So who can be there this weekend to save the town??

I'll be there but I have to work, so will be there after 4:30 pm.
I should be there, and perhaps Dwight and Curtis as well.
Beef an pork, mexican style, or as close as I can come anyways.
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