Thursday, November 26, 2015

Sat the 28th

Happy Turkey Day!!!

Late post, long short week at work.  Real quick, running Pathfinder Friday if enough show up.  No Matt, not sure of others.   If not, will find some board games or something to do.  See you then, don't each too much and explode.

Wait, are you playing Friday or Saturday?

Either way, I can be there at whatever time we choose.

I have to work friday. It is unlikely that I can be home before 7pm. Saturday is still good though. Have ground beef for dinner... haven't decided if I want to make hamburger patties or burritos.
Either one of those will be good for me. :)
Sorry, I made a mistake. Apologize for the mixup. Meant Saturday, not Friday. I already have plans for Friday. Guess the lack of sleep was affecting my brain when I wrote that post. Ooops!
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