Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sat the 24th

Hey Guys,

Just letting you know I am still alive and arrived home safely.  Sorry, but I didn't big money in Vegas, so you guys will just have to put up with for a while longer.  Hope you've been having fun and doing stuff while I've been away.  Just to confirm, I'll be occupied again this Saturday and likely the following Sat as well.  But I should be continuing the Darkness campaign the first Sat in Nov.  Sorry for the long break, I've just had a bunch of things come together at once that I never expected.  Hopefully I'll be able to use this extra time to prepare a few "special" things.  More on that later.

So again this week I'll be gone, so it's likely Terry or Curtis running things.  So what are you guys doing?? Causing mayhem and chaos I assume.  Have fun and see you in another couple weeks.


I'll be there, but I have to work, so will be after 4:30 before I can get there.

As for the last couple of weeks, Curtis has been running us in Only War, which is another Warhammer 40k game, which centers around Imperial Guard troops. It has been fun, but we need to move things along a little faster and not waste the time of the DM with arguing or minor things that can be done prior to starting or after we have finished. We waste so much time in game doing these things, even when Kevin is running, that probably half our time is wasted on these things.

Also, Matt, we finished the basic adventure and we got 1350 xp for our characters.
Also, I know I had mentioned possibly going to Rennfest on the 24th. Have to cancel my participation in that, don't know if anyone else wanted to go. Anyhow, see you in a couple of weeks.
Sorry you have to cancel the renfest trip. I'll be interested in going on Sunday for a little bit if anyone else is interested (maybe Sat morning before game time if I can get up early enough)

Ham for dinner. Need some sort of dinner rolls and apple sauce. I plan on cooking rice, asparagus and maybe cauliflower with it too.

Hopefully Curtis is running, otherwise DnD.
Terry -- Unfortunately I had to cancel because I have to attend a funeral. I'm really bummed because I haven't been to Rennfest in a couple of years and I haven't had a chance to hang out with you guys for a couple of weeks. I'm going to attend next year's Rennfest come hell or high water.
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