Monday, August 31, 2015

Saturday, Sept 5th

Ok, Kevin stated on Saturday that he would not be here this coming Saturday due to family obligations.  This also marks the Labor Day weekend.  I think Terry mentioned something about Rifts, which is what I would prefer to play since it is a sci-fi setting, but I think he had stipulations on running it.  I will be there and don't have to work, so, will try to leave my house during the 3 o'clock hour.  Who else will be there?

So, I do have to work on Saturday, but I get off at 1 pm. I'll end up going home and will need to deal with some things once I get home, so, the 3 o'clock hour might be pushing it, but will try.
Ok, so I'm out of town Saturday. Hope you guys have fun whatever you do. Monday is Labor Day and I have the night off. I'm going to be at the store around 4 or so. Anybody up for Sentinels??

I have to work on Monday until 6 pm, so, I can be there around 6:30 or so.
Ok, sorry for the late post. Fell asleep last night and didn't post as early as I wanted. Anyhow, my family plans were cancelled at the last moment, so I can run Pathfinder today. See you this afternoon.
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