Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Saturday 8/15

Hey Guys,

Sorry for the short session last week.  Despite some misadventures along the way, everything turned out well with my emergency family situation.  So we still yet to finish the campaign.  I have some plans with family this weekend (fun stuff this time, I swear), so I can't finish this Saturday.  Sigh, just have to try again the following week.  Thanks to Terry for dinner and hosting.

On another note, I'm off this coming week and don't have any real plans.  Do you guys hang out at the store any other times besides Thursday??  Anything else going on there I might want to check out??  Let me know and also feel free to post any questions you might have about the new campaign.  See you later and have fun this Saturday.

Same animals, different cuts. Have asparagus for a veggie and rice for a starch. Pick up an additional side dish if there's something else you'd like.

Bring both your rifts and DnD characters. I haven't had time to work on plans for either game this week (just long days at work), but I can improvise for something to do.

Come for the dinner, stay to be amused at my attempt to run a game.

See you all Saturday.
I'll be there, but I have to work at the college. I'll be there around 4:30 or so. I'd prefer to play Rifts, myself since I like space games more than fantasy games.
I'll hopefully be there, and maybe Dwight, too.
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