Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Sat the 8th

Hey Guys,

Sorry I missed last weekend, but I'm back this Saturday.  And now it's time for that giant Scandinavian, THE BIG FINISH!!!!  Not sure why but I always think I should be wearing a Viking helmet at moments like this one.  Yes, we should be able to complete the module and adventure path this weekend with any luck.  Of course, that means there might be anything at all waiting for you at the end.  So be prepared.  The party is going to be 19th level, and I assume rested and ready to finally confront Xin and his remaining minions.  So who can be there this Sat??  I know Rob said he would probably be out of town, but I'd like as many others who can be there to be present for the grand finale.

And let's talk about the next campaign, the rise of the Drow.  I'm working on getting things ready and have a good idea of what the races and classes the party will be playing.  So far, I don't see any huge gaps in party composition, there should be plenty of roguishness, fighter types, healing, and other spellcasting.  Just hope somebody is putting points into social skills.  The adventure will start off in the wilderness and eventually proceed underground, so make sure your PC can take care of him/her/itself outside and can get around when it's dark.  Again, PC's are to be constructed with the 25 point buy.  Each PC will get Weapon Focus as a bonus feat and 1 free masterwork weapon.   I'd like for everyone to bring a complete copy of their character sheet this Saturday so I can review it and get familiar with the insanity I'll be dealing with over the coming months.  See you Saturday.

I'll be there, but I have to work so will not be there until after 4:30 pm.
I should be there. Dwight will probably be there, too. Not sure about Curtis.
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