Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Sat the 29th

Hi Guys,

And the Shattered Star campaign has ended at last.  Xin has finally been put to rest and the party has moved on to other challenges (restoring Wind Song Abbey, tracking down rumors of another Runelord, fighting yet more cultists, running a business, and others).  So now its time for another group of heroes (???) to face a different dire threat to the world.  Thanks to Terry again for hosting and dinner.

And now for the Rise of the Drow.  To make things a bit easier for the party, each PC should be level 2 to begin.  Some of you have requested starting with a stronger character and this makes things easier for me as well.  We can consider you seasoned (???) adventurers and somewhat familiar with one another.  If not, you will have a long voyage to get to know one another.  Roll opening credits.

"It was over two weeks ago that you left the safety of your homeland, central Varisia. It had been a rigorous day of training under your mentor at the guild, you were exhausted but invigorated by the cold air and fresh morning snow. A courier passed by, casually handing you a flier. At first you thought nothing of it and almost tossed it aside, but the courier nodded at you with a knowing smile, so you kept it and ducked into a local establishment to take a closer look. Unfurling the flier, your attention was immediately drawn to the closing of the letter; It had the crest of the Ironbound Islands and was signed by Queen Estrid the White! You stopped dead in your tracks after realizing that you held an official invitation from the queen of one of the Linnorm Kingdoms. The invitation granted you and a group of adventuring companions whom you deemed worthy free travel to Rybalka, a remote fishing village on the outskirts of the Linnorm Kingdoms! Not only this, but by reporting for duty to Mayor Igor Leonid of Rybalka each man or woman would be paid a sum of 100 gold pieces. On top of this, the letter stated that additional payments would be secured for adventurers willing to take on specific quests for the mayor of Rybalka."

White Estrid is the most progressive of the Linnorm Kings who live in northern Varisia.  She welcomes many peoples to her kingdom that are unwelcome in others.  One of her most recent ventures to expand her influence has been to take control of a strategic village and iron mine on the mainland.  This venture has been more expensive than expected due to opposition from the stubborn locals, a particularly brutish backwards bunch known as vykings.  So to encourage settlement and deal with various problems with less expense to the kingdom, agents have been sent across Varisia looking for gullible, err heroic individuals to handle the difficulties in this new settlement.  Rybalka is a small fishing village located near a rich iron mine on the edge of a vast wilderness.  Stories of giants and linnorms (a type of dragon) are many, as well as other less well known horrible creatures that linger in the dark.  Enter the fools, err, heroes who come searching for glory and gold.  Or just for the fun of it.

So now you have the mission -- travel to Rybalka to claim your reward and perform any quests for the Mayor.  Of course you have to get there first.  Make sure you know how to handle yourself in the wilderness and can find your way around when it gets dark.

This weekend I should be available to run Pathfinder unless something occurs.  There might be a family complication, won't know until the last moment (Friday).  I don't expect any problems, but will let you know if things change.  See you Saturday and have your PC's up to level 2.

I should be there, hopefully in the 3 o'clock hour, not sure, since I don't work.
I'll be there, and hopefully Dwight and maybe Curtis, too.

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