Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Sat the 25th

Hey Guys,

Hope you enjoyed last week's session.  Lots of constructs, some minotaurs, and a very nasty demoness.  You explored another section of Xin's Palace and finally managed to release the dwarven spirit that has been haunting the party for so long. Thanks again to Terry for hosting and dinner.

This week I'd like to continue with Pathfinder.  The party is getting close to finishing the module, hopefully we only need two more sessions.  I'd like to finish asap because I will likely be out for a couple of weekends in mid August.  So hope to see you this Sat.

Just as a reminder, I will not be there this weekend. Have fun traipsing through the rest of the dungeon. :)
Beef, its what's for dinner. Maybe french fries too...
I should be there, and we'll probably have Curtis and Dwight, too.
Treasure list from this week's adventure:

- Rod of Thunder and Lightning (rather useless, but worth some money)
- 14,000 gp
- 7 +2 keen, adamantium halberds
- 6,000 gp in adamantium ingots
- +3 defending, adamantium transformative longsword
- 38 inubrix ingots (500 gp each)
- +1 Noqual full plate
- 3 MW Noqual breast plates
- 12 MW Noqual battle axes
- 12 hot and 12 cold siccatite bars (value?)
- +2 Abysium sword of life-stealing, large
- Adamanitum longsword, large
- +1 flameburst hot siccatite longsword, large
- Horacalcum longsword, large
- Inubrix longsword, large
- +1 construct ban Noqual long sword, large
- +6 light fortification bracers of armor, warding
- Scarab of Protection (12 charges)
- Ring of counterspells (empty)
- Cool scimitar for Terry (forget the details, made of sky metal, he already has it.)

Also, Kevin said we go to 19th level as we draw near the last encounter of the campaign.

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