Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Sat the 11th

Happy 7-11 Day!!

Free hot dogs and slurpees for everyone.  Ok so that's what I'm looking forward to this weekend.  Not sure if everyone else is a fan of convenience stores like me, but I thought I would do my bit for one of my favorite businesses.  In addition, I'd like to continue with Pathfinder this Sat.  The party has finished most of the ground floor (besides the door guardians that you guys are inexplicably leaving alive) and now you need to determine whether to go upstairs or down next.  Xin's final resting place is somewhere in this building, you just need to survive long enough to find it.  And there's still that unfinished business with a very displeased demoness.  Sounds like fun.  Who will be there this Sat??

And a question about the widen spell metamagic feat. Not sure if I understand it correctly. It states
"You can alter a burst, emanation, or spread-shaped spell to increase its area. Any numeric measurements of the spell's area increase by 100%."

So what exactly does this mean in real numbers?? Does a 10'radius emanation become a 20'radius emanation? Does a 50'cone become 100'? Just need to check to be sure.
That is how I would think it would work, but since I don't do spells, haven't read up on things like that.

As for the next game we are playing, what was the point value for our stats that we have? Was it 25 points or something else?

As for this Saturday, I'm going to try and be there. I have my foot doctor's appointment on Friday to hopefully get my cast removed. I'm still having car issues, but it now seems to be tied to the electrical system, not the starter. So, it is either the battery or the alternator. Also, my car has been shaking when I'm driving. Doesn't seem to matter the speed I'm travelling, it just shakes. I've looked at the front as best I can with this stupid cast and my messed up knee and I can't see anything visible that would be causing it. I'm going to see about taking it to my shop on Friday after my doctor's appointment, but only if I know I'm going to get some help from my family in getting it fixed. Otherwise, what's the point? So, if I can't get it to the shop, then I don't want to drive my car all the way down to Terry's place, as who knows what could happen on a drive that long. I do have to work on Saturday, so, I'd be getting off at 4 pm.

If you need to contact me outside of this, my cell phone # is 443-805-0474.
Ok, so, my cast is off my foot. Now they have me in an air cast boot that I need to be in for the next month. I don't need my crutches any longer, as I can walk in this boot.

As for my car, it was the battery that was causing the electrical problems. It has been replaced. As for the shacking, they said that at least one of the tires is starting to show the wire inside. They re-balanced the tires and I think they might have rotated them, not sure. I drove it home on 100 and got up to 60 and it seemed to be doing ok at those speeds. So, I should be able to drive down to Terry's for now, unless someone still wants to come pick me up. :)
Game hens for dinner. Maybe real potatoes, maybe french fries.

I left my phone in my boss' car, so I won't be able to answer it Saturday afternoon. Hopefully I wake up before you guys arrive (my phone is one of my alarms). Hopefully the alarm doesn't startle my boss' wife while driving this weekend.

Catch you all tomorrow,
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