Monday, June 22, 2015

Saturday, June 27th

Ok, so Kevin has stated that he will not be here for this gaming session.  He will be at an Orioles game.  So, we are back to playing Rifts.  Don't remember any increase in levels or anything special to make us to paperwork, so, just be ready to play when we get there.

Who will be there?  I have work, so will be after 4:30 before I can get there.

Planning on pepper soup again since my parents are still here. (exploitation begins in the home...)

For Rifts, you guys have been asked to meet with someone in one of the more violent bars in the Center spaceport (2nd level). Along with the request is a splugorthorian armor talisman (100 MDC force field, three times per day) just for meeting with you.

In other news, Zanith has offered to upgrade the plasma cannons on your Vengeance class frigate, and install a heavy phase cannon. You just need to drop the ship off at the new non-promethian (but still promethean) ship yards for the work, and promise to use the ship more and bring back videos for advertising.
Zanith is the "crazy" promethian that we got the ship from, right? And I thought that is all we used when it is not being repaired. Sure, we will take the new cannon. Also, just have him mount some cameras on the outside of the ship to capture his videos. :)
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