Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sat the 23rd

Hey Guys,

I'm baaaaaaccccckkkk!!! Three weekends away and I am suffering from polyhedron withdrawal.  Not pretty, trust me.  Hope you guys had fun the past few Saturdays.  I survived family and vacation; now back to my real joy -- inflicting chaos and sowing pain.   Or something.

This weekend I'd like to continue running Pathfinder.  To review, the party had just spent a day pursuing your missing halfling friend and saving the city from disaster, natural and monster.  The party also has a new artifact, the reforged Sihedron to play with (at least for now).  The party should be 16th level.  So make sure your PC's are ready and see you Saturday.

I'll be there and I'll try to get there as early as possible, or around the 3 o'clock hour.

I do have off on Monday, so, if we are wanting to get together then for whatever, I can be there whenever.

And since this is a holiday weekend, maybe we can go for the summer holiday barbecue foods of hamburgers and brats and corn on cob and fries. Just a suggestion. :)
Hey guys. Just wanted to keep you up to date on my foot. I went to the doctor's office today about it and yes, it is a fraction of my sesamoid bone that is attached to my big toe. So, lucky me, I am not sporting a full cast for the next three weeks. So, while I'm not totally helpless for that amount of time, I am just having a very hard time walking with crutches. First, I'm overweight and second, I'm not in shape to use them and it feels like I've been running a marathon after like 10 steps. So, I'll be at gaming, I'll probably just need some help with taking my back in and out of the house as well as a couple of other things.
Well, glad the foot isn't something worse. I should be there.

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