Monday, April 13, 2015

Saturday, April 18th

Hope everybody had a good break from everybody this past weekend.  It was boring for me not really doing anything.

So, if we go by what Kevin said the previous Saturday, he will not be here for this gaming session.  So, that means that Terry can run his Rifts campaign for us, if he is so willing.  Who will be able to make it?

I don't have to work, so, I will try to be there in the 3 o'clock hour, so, maybe we can start earlier this week.  See ya all on Saturday.

Hey Guys. Just to update you, Paul is correct. I have plans with family this Saturday. I might be finished in time to run something, but I'm not positive so I'll just wait til next week. See you guys the 25th.
Cool. I haven't been shopping yet, but I'm planning on burgers and brawts.

In rifts, you guys are heading west from Dwoemer looking for the next alien intelligence to deal with. You have a group of about ten extra people with you (in addition to Timy Tim). Travel is slow by your standards, mostly walking speed. Fortunately everyone's in awesome shape, and most are in power armor, so you're covering about a hundred miles a day (all of the atlantean hangers-on are usign magic to keep up the pace).

See you all Sat.
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