Wednesday, April 08, 2015

April the 11th

Hey Guys,

Congrats on finishing the module.  The party has recovered the final shard and is ready to return to Magnimar.  Hope you enjoyed your visit to the plane of Leng and meeting the strange "mud" elves.  Who knows, you may meet them again some place . . . .   Thanks to Terry for dinner and hosting.

This week Terry is occupied with work I believe.  So maybe you guys will want to hang out at the GCS??  I doubt I will be there, I should be going to a baseball game if things work out.  Let you know if anything changes, have fun whatever you decide to do.

I'll be there. I have work, so, I wont be able to head out until after 4 pm.

Before we left on Saturday, Terry did mention that he could be available, it just depends on work. He could get done in a couple of hours or it could take all day long. Either way, everybody needs to at least keep looking on here to see if Terry posts anything about it. I'll keep looking on here up until the time I leave work.
I probably won't be available tomorrow.
So, if Matt's probably isn't going to be there and neither is Kevin, then, unless I find out from Dwight and Rob if they are going to show up, then I'm not going to drive over there after work just to see if either of those two showed up. I will check back here to see if anything else has changed during the day. If you need to message me on my phone, my phone number is 443-805-0474.
Just got home. Obviously too late to do much. Hopefully next week will be more normal.
I showed up at the store at around 4:15 or so. Only saw Rob there, but he was already knee deep in a game with other people. Looked like there was a board game day happening. I stayed until about 4:45 and then went home, as nobody else showed up.
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