Sunday, February 15, 2015

Saturday, Feb 21st

Ok, so, Kevin said that he might not be there this Saturday.  So, if that is the case, then Terry should be able to run Rifts.

If Kevin can run, he will let us know on here, so, keep watching this space to see if his plans change.  Either way, our characters got up to level 13, so, make sure you level up your characters before game session.  If Terry runs, he had asked us to come up with our second OCC/RCC that we want our characters to become.  So, think on that as well.

So, who will be there?  I have to work, so, it will be after 4:30 before I can be there.

Paul -- thanks for starting the post.

Just to update you. The event I'm supposed to attend may be cancelled for this Saturday and rescheduled. So I may be able to run on Sat. I'm pretty much ready to do so, just have to confirm the event is not happening. May not know for sure until Friday.

Anyhow, as Paul mentioned, the party is now 13th level. So please have your characters leveled up by next session. There's a race to the Runelord's site, so no significant downtime. Only 72 hours to rest up and get advanced. Be ready. The guardian of Krune's tomb will be. Hope to run this Sat, if not the hopefully next week. Let you know for definite as soon as I can.
Alright, update. Looks like I can run this Saturday. The event has been postponed, so I am free to run Pathfinder on Sat. See you then
Burritos for dinner. I think I have everything I'll need; bought ice cream snickers for desert.
I may not be able to make it tomorrow; just figured folks in the "carpool" should be aware of that.
What is the earliest that I can come down? Just found out my work closes at noon, at which point I'd get out of here around 12:30 and would be able to make it down there by around 1 pm. Is that too early? I don't really want to go home for like an hour or so.
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