Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Sat, Feb 28th

Ok, so, not sure what we are going to do this coming weekend.  Kevin hasn't started a post and he didn't mention whether or not he was going to be there for this weekend.  So, bring all your stuff just in case.

I want to thank Terry for putting us up last Saturday night when we all decided not to drive home.  Want to thank him also for providing the delicious burritos and a place for us to play.

So, who can be there for whatever gaming we are going to do?  I'll be there and I don't work, so, if it doesn't snow on Saturday, then I'll try to get there around 3 pm or after.

Paul, thanks for starting a post. It's been another one of those weeks. I will be so glad when this month is over. Anyway, I'm going to run Pathfinder again this Sat. The party has successfully dealt with the Lissalan cultists (for now) and can continue on the quest for the final shards. Next up, the Shard of Wrath. It is somewhere to the north in a haunted Thassilonian ruin known as Guiltspur. You will probably spend some time researching this site as well as resting up for your next quest. Also need to get a for sale list if possible. See you Sat/
As for the list, I probably wont have it ready for this week. Work has been cancelled for today and I don't return until Monday. I generally work on them at work, as it actually makes me look like I'm doing work. :) There also hasn't been that much since the last time we sold stuff, maybe two or three pages worth of stuff.
I should be there.
Pork roast and maybe Italian sausage for dinner. I know they don't go together, but that's what I felt like when I was shopping Wed. night.
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