Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sat the 20th

Hey Guys,

So last Saturday, several of got together at the store.  We hung out until close playing a new game, Firefly, based on the TV series and movie.  Fun game, have to try that one again soon.

This Saturday I won't be able to run due to other plans for that evening.  However, we discussed possibly going to see the new Hobbit movie that opens up this week.  To avoid holiday shoppers and traffic snarls, we considered going to Hoyts West Nursery Theatre in Linthicum.   The movie times for Saturday most convenient for me is 1 pm.  That way we could get something to eat afterwards and you guys can go back to Terry's while I go to my event.  I'd like to go as early as possible, but there are later shows.  Let me know if that time works for you guys, I can be flexible.

Well, I'm hoping to be there. Still waiting to see if my check gets in there before then, though.
Don't worry Paul, I can spot you something if necessary.

1 works for me.
1pm works for me.
What time are you all planning on getting there? I'd say that 12:30 should be the latest we get there, as it will probably be packed. If you can, I'd say get your tickets online now so that you don't have to wait, nor will you not get one. Nothing seems to be sold out yet, but you never know. Also, make sure you are looking at Saturday's date and not today. :)

Sounds like a plan. See you all at 12:30.
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