Sunday, December 28, 2014

Partying in the New Year

Hey all.

I hope everybody's weekend went well.  Those that traveled out of state arrived home safely and without any incidents.  As for our merry trek through Kevin's world, we went under the abbey and found some strange things.  Tentacle monsters, giants and rogues, oh my.  We survived yet another week and didn't really get too much for our troubles.  However, everybody advanced to level 12 and we did stop to rest, so you get that prior to our next adventure.

Which brings me to the partying in the new year.  Kevin was hoping to have a couple of adventures this week, starting on January 1st.  If Terry is able, he would like to run his adventure on the first, which is Thursday.  I don't know what time he wants to start, but I'd be guessing our normal time of 3 or 4 pm, maybe earlier, just depends on how he wants to do it and when, if he can, Terry opens up his house.  Kevin knows that some of you might be gaming already on this day, but if I remember correctly, Dwight said he would cancel with his normal Thursday group to play in Kevin's game.  I think Curtis said the same, but I'm not positive.  If Terry isn't able to open his house for us on this day, then stopping by the store to play some board games is always open.

Then, on Friday, the second, Kevin would like to run again, but only if Terry is able too.  Terry does have his other group on Fridays, so, running the game is up in the air and specifically depending on Terry.  If Terry can't open his house for us on the second, Kevin would like to stop by the store and play some board games.  Again, not sure what time he had in mind for this day as well.

Then, on Saturday, if we aren't too pooped out from doing his adventure, he wants to continue with our normal Saturday adventures in his wonderful land of merriment.  Hopefully, by this time, if we have done adventures on both the previous days, we should be out of the abbey.  But, I don't think that is going to be an option.  But, we will see.

So, who can be there and on which days.  I can be there all 3 days, since work for me doesn't start back up until the 5th of January.

I have returned from my holiday travels... and the world will weep in despair... or sniffle a little with malcontent... or probably not even notice.

I'll keep an eye on this post to see what we're actually going to do.

Happy holidays to all!
Alright, brats at my place on Thursday. I'll be out of bed a ready for guests by 1pm, I think Kevin said he'd like to start around 3pm.

I work Friday, and play with another group of RPers after work on Fridays, so I won't be available then.

Saturday, I've got ground beef and am planning on hamburger patties and tater tots for dinner. Someone bring hamburger buns if you feel like adding bread to your beef.
Thanks Terry. And for the record, I am a menace, not a brat. See you Thurs.
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