Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Saturday, October 18th

Ok, so, Kevin said that he was going to run Shattered Star this coming weekend.  However, he might not be able to post anything because I read on his Facebook page that he left for Las Vegas yesterday around 9 pm or so.  So, thought I'd post just to get a post going.  Just in case, we might want to get both our Pathfinder character and Rifts character ready for this Saturday, in case Kevin doesn't make it back.

So, who can be there?  I don't have to work, so I should be able to try and get there during the 3 o'clock hour.

Paul -- thanks for posting for me. Wifi hasn't been consistent here at the hotel, this is the first I have been able to get on since Ive been here. I should be able to run Sat. the PC's should be 10th level and rested up. You're going to be facing undead (hooray), so plan accordingly. Not just undead, but primarily.
I probably will not be there this week - family visiting. Good luck!
Pork, apple sauce, maybe some baked beans.

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