Monday, October 27, 2014

Sat the First

Hey Guys,

Hope you had fun last weekend.  What did you end up doing??  I got splattered in paint, then splattered with cake and icing on Saturday.  So I had fun.  Hope you guys did as well.

Congrats on finishing the 3rd module.  The party now has 4 parts to the Sihedron and is roughly halfway through the adventure path.  Couple of things coming up.  You've made contact with your boss, Venture Captain Sheila Heidmarch, and reported your success obtaining the Sihedron shard and the approximate location of the next shard.  She sends her congratulations and will begin preparations to support the next leg of your mission.  Before you return to Magnimar, she has a final mission for you. The local Pathfinder rep needs somebody to investigate reports of strange cultists in Kaer Maga. Report to her and give her whatever assistance you can.

And once you return to Magnimar, there will be some downtime before the next adventure.  How much depends on what you guys need to accomplish.  I have reviewed the rules for retraining and will allow it.  It's not cheap and it consumes some time, but I know some of you have things that you wish to change with your character to make them more effective.  Just let me know what it is you are going to change so I can be prepared.  See you Saturday, who's going to be there???

I'll be there and since I don't work, I'll -try- to get there earlier than normal.
I'm probably running the second half of our Solar Echoes demo this weekend - sorry.
The plan for dinner is pork, asparagus, baked beans, and of course, applesauce.

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