Thursday, August 28, 2014

Saturday, August 30th

Well, not sure why Kevin hasn't started a post by now, but I figure I should at least start one so people know what is happening this weekend.

From what Kevin told us last Saturday is that he would be continuing with the Shattered Star campaign, which is what he ran last weekend.  But, with him not posting, hope everything is alright and he can still make it.  If not, please also bring your Rifts and Rogue Trader characters just in case.

Who can be there?

I can make it and since Saturday is a holiday for me, I don't have to work.

Also, September 1st, which is the actual holiday of Labor Day, does anybody else have plans?  Not sure what we will be doing, but at least good to ask now instead of waiting until Saturday/Monday to find out.

As for my plans, I have nothing, except staying home and doing whatever.

Paul -- Thanks for posting. Been a bit crazy the past couple of days with work and my car situation, but things are ok now. Anyhow, I am still planning on running the Shattered Star this weekend. Got some things to finish up in Magnimar, hopefully we can finish them up this Sat and get ready to search for the next shard. See you guys Sat.
I should be there.
Curtis should be there, too.
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