Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sat the 23rd

Hi Guys,

Hope you found something fun to do while I was away.  What did you do??  More 40K mayhem or something else destructive??  As long as there was much bloodshed, I have a feeling y'all probably enjoyed.  As for myself, I've been very occupied with family and grinding away online (Paul probably sympathizes with me on this one).  But I miss the rolling of lots of dice.  So this Saturday I'm back and will continue with Pathfinder. 

When last we left, the party had investigated the sabotaged constructs and dealt with the psycho wizard who created them.  Them party rescues several missing Pathfinders as well, earning an even higher reputation with the Society and Magnimar in general.  One downside of being a problem solver is that there are always new problems to solve, as the party is about to find out.  So who can be there this Sat when the party gets "an opportunity" to solve a new problem??

I'll be there, but I do have a meeting I need to go to, but I'm expecting I'll be leaving it around 2 pm or so. So, maybe I'll be there in the 3 o'clock hour this time around. Only time will tell. :)
I might be a bit late, but I should be there.
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