Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Saturday, the 19th.

Ok, Kevin asked me to start a post for this Saturday because he is having issues with starting a post.  He will be able to continue with the high level campaign with us running around throwing apples at each other.  I don't know if he can add to a post or not, but if he can't, hopefully he will tell me what the xp was from last weekend and I'll post it here for everybody.  So, who will be there?

I'll be there, but I have to work, so it will be around 4:30 for me before I can get there.

I should be there... throwing apples at each other? What did you folks do last week?!
We played a game with the Dirges. :: evil grin ::
Burritos for dinner. Have tomatoes, cheese and soft tortillas for it.
61820 xp
Ok, first my computer had a virus affecting the browser. Then the blog would let me post. But finally, I triumphed through sheer . . . . . naw, let's not make too big a deal of it. Sorry for the late post, had some issues. Thanks to Paul for starting a post for me. See you tomorrow
Now we need roughly another 196,000 xp for next level....give or take a few thousand.
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