Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Sat the 12th

Hey Guys,

Hope everyone enjoyed the trip to the Plane of Dreams and the Coliseum Morpheum.  The party was warmly greeted by the locals and even got to meet a few of the notables in town.  And the games haven't even started yet.  The party has had a chance to settle in and do some shopping (the gold pieces were just burning a hole in your pockets, I know).  Now the party has their first real test in the Coliseum.  Something to do with fire.  Your opponents will be the Dirges, the group of rascals who "tested" you outside of town.  Sounds like time for some payback.  Who can be there this weekend???  Thanks to Terry for hosting and the delicious burgers.

I'll be there and I don't have to work. Hopefully will try to be there earlier than normal.
For those that like Warmachine and the Iron Kingdoms game, there is a game on Steam for that world. Here is the link to it:

We're going to try bacon-wrapped pork loin for dinner. I've got apple sauce and coke to serve with it.
I'll be out of town visiting family this weekend.

For those who remain, try not to die in the Colosseum for the amusement of the Khan, the Walker, or whichever demi-god it is who wants us dead today... Otherwise, I'll have to Reincarnate everyone, perhaps with the old 3.0 edition table... :-)

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