Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Saturday, May 31st

Well, guess Kevin forgot to start a new post yesterday.  Maybe because the week is short with Monday being a holiday.  So, decided to start one today so that people know/remember.

Kevin said that he would be running once again with the Shattered Star story.  He wants to try and get us through to getting this shard, then I think he wants to go back to our high level character.

So, who can be there?  I should be and I don't have to work, so, normal time for me.

Since it seems that no one is going to use the Headband of Wisdom, I'm going to snag it. It will help my finding traps better.
Hi Guys, sorry, been under the weather due to sinus issues. Coupled with heavier than normal work (where the hell is all coming from?!), been kind of tied up this week. Fortunately, I prepared things a while ago, so I can still run Saturday. Should be feeling better and up to it. See you Sat.
Didn't get away from work in time to get to sams or costco before they closed, so I'll be getting dinner on Saturday. I'm thinking pork this week, but I might change my mind when confronted with the reality of what's on the store shelf when I get there.
I should be there, and Curtis and Dwight may be as well.
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