Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sat the 21st

Hi Guys,

Hope you had fun last Saturday, anything destructive and bloody go on??  I got to meet Batman and see the Batmobile, but I'm sure I didn't have as much fun as you guys.  This week I'd like to continue with Pathfinder, hopefully getting close to the end of the module.  So who can be there this week??

I'll be there and I don't have to work this Saturday.

As for what we did, we had a space battle against Necrons. We blew them up, but not before they did some heavy damage to one of our ships.
Almost forgot. The party has jumped ahead of where I expected and will be facing more dangerous threats soon. So advance your characters to 7th level. And some of you might receive a gift, if you are brave enough to accept it . . . .
Meet Batman?? Cool!

Of course, if you revealed any of your DM'ing plans to him, he'd put you in his Rogue's Gallery as a new villain "The DM." Hehehehe...

I should be there, as should Dwight and probably Curtis.

Oh, and beware of DM's bearing gifts...
Brawts and Burgers. Need a potato of some sort (chips or fries). I think I have everything else... and what more do we really need than meat anyways :-).

Also, we are talking about the 24th, right?
Yes, the 24th.

Well, I always like having corn on the cob. That is always a tasty side. Along with fries, of course. :D
Ok, I looked at the times for X-Men at Hoyts West Nursery Cinema 14 in Linthicum. Showtimes are 4PM, 5PM, and 6:05PM. Unless somebody has a problem, I suggest going to the 4 PM show. That will be a matinee and get out early enough for those who have to work Tues morn.
Ok, well, have fun. I don't really care to see that movie. To me, if its not done by Marvel, its a farce and a horrible rendition to the comics.
Works for me

Leaving in a few minutes myself. Going to get some shopping done on the way. See you there.
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