Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sat the 26th

Hi guys,

Hope you had fun last weekend.  Looks like you will get a chance to do it all over again since I will be unavailable this weekend.  Still looking for a new place, let you know if I find anything.  Have fun  and I hope to be back the first Sat in May.


Looks like another session of Rogue Trader...or will this weekend be Iron Kingdoms??

I'll be there. No work, so, not sure what time I will get there, sometime after 3, though.
I'm visiting family this weekend.
Didn't Rob also say he was going to be out of time this weekend also? If that is so, I hope Dwight and Curtis show up.
I know its late. With only a couple players we'll have to think of something else to do.
I've got a few ideas, so come prepared to start something new unless Curtis can join us and wants to run IK.
What kind of something new? Is there something else that I need to bring other than Rogue Trader?
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