Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Sat the 12th

Hey Guys,

Hope you had fun last week.  Congrats on defeating the succubus assassin so easily.  She went down quickly due to some creative party tactics.  Too bad, was really hoping to create more mayhem with that NPC.  Oh well, I'm sure she has a clone or double somewhere . . . .

This week I'd like to continue with Pathfinder.   There's a bit more to do in Magnimar before you set out looking for the next shard.  Only question is if you go by land or sea, which will it be??  And of course what experiences you will have along the way.  Who can be there Saturday??.

I'll be there. I don't have work so I hope to be there a little earlier than I usually am. See how things go.
I should be there.
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