Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sat the 29th

Hey Guys,

Congrats on finishing the first part of the Shattered Star.  The party has managed to acquire 2 of the 7 parts and a device that can reforge the Sihedron.  Now the party has the opportunity to rest, reequip,  and prepare to seek the next shard.  If only life was so easy . . . . .

There are other things going on in Magnimar, some of which require the Pathfinders' attention.  So before you venture out into the country, there are more opportunities for destruction . . . . . . . err, I mean heroism, yeah heroism in the city.  Who will be there this weekend??  

I'll be there. Don't have to work so I'll try to be there at my normal time.

Kevin, I think we were going to look for magical weapons. Do we have any issues locating anything specific in Magnimar?
Paul-- Magnimar is a relatively big city, most magic weapons should be available, what are you looking for?? Also, do you have a list of stuff to sell?
I believe we were all looking for a +1 weapon to replace our mundane weapons we currently have. I myself am looking for a +1 Falchion and/or +1 Heavy Flail.

No, I haven't gotten a list together yet. Most of the stuff that would be on that list is either treasure or mundane stuff. There really isn't any magical stuff in it that we haven't already claimed.
Paul-- +1 weapons should be no problem unless they are something exotic.
I'll be visiting family this afternoon and evening.

I could also use a +1 Greataxe - I already have a Masterwork one, so that cuts back on the cost by 300 gps.
Hamburgers and chips this week.
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