Thursday, December 12, 2013

Saturday the 14th.

Ok, Kevin said that he is or was having issues with starting a post on here.  Not sure why, but he posted in the previous post about it.  Not sure if he can start one yet or not, but I thought I would start one for him in case he wasn't able too.

Kevin said that he would be running this week with Pathfinder.  He will post XP and treasure soon.

Who can be there?

I'll be there and I don't have to work, so, I'll be there when I get there.

I should be there.
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Ok, sorry for the lack of response. I am having severe communication difficulties with my ISP. I only have intermittent service from my apartment, so I have to use free wi-fi connections at Dunkin Donuts and the like. So here is the experience and treasure for last week.

From each of the 3 storm giants: huge +1 moderate fortification full plate, sihedron ring, huge mwk composite longbow [+14 Str bonus] with 20 arrows, huge mwk adamantine greatsword.

From Karzoug's least champion: boots of speed, potions of cure serious wounds (3), +1 full plate, +1 heavy steel shield, +1 adamantine scimitar, +1 composite longbow (+9 Str) with 20 arrows, belt of physical might +4 (Str, Con), boots of teleportation, cloak of minor displacement, headband of inspired wisdom +6, ring of freedom of movement, scarab of protection (5 charges), Sihedron ring, pearly white spindle ioun stone.

This stuff is in addition to what Paul already recorded. And 41600 xp for each PC.
If anybody is wondering what the ioun stone does, it regenerates 1 hp per 10 minutes, if it is the perfect one.
Ok, does this person have two sets of boots??
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