Thursday, December 26, 2013

Sat the 28th and New Year's Day

Hey Guys,

Just a quick post.  I have a family function to attend Saturday, so I won't be available.  I also understand Rob will be out as well, if I remember.  So you sounds like Rogue Trader or something else.  Have fun whatever you do.  Secondly, does anyone have plans for New Year's Day??   I have no plans so far and wanted to know if anyone wanted to hang out at GCS or do something that day.  I'll update xp and stuff for Pathfinder separately.

I'll be there Saturday for whatever we are going to do.

As for next week, I don't have any plans for Jan 1st, which is standard for me.

As for xp, you already gave us the xp last Saturday.
We'll figure out something to play. Planning ham for dinner. Don't know yet if I have plans for the 1st.
I'll probably be there.
Just an idea. Since I won't be there this weekend, I can probably run Pathfinder on the New Years Day if enough are interested. There really isn't much left to the upper level of the Pinnacle and the party can pretty much finish it off in one more session. That way the party would just have to finish off Karzoug to complete the adventure next weekend. Let me know if you are interested or would like to do something else.
If we do decided to play Pathfinder, we need to start and end at a reasonable time since most of us have work early the next day and I don't want to be on the roads late when the drunks are out on New Years.

Otherwise, we could get together at the game store and play some games (or even run Pathfinder there if we all get there at a reasonable hour) and go home at 9:00, which is reasonable.
Are w sure the store will be open on New Years? I should be available New Years day, so I'll plan on being there. What's a good start time for everyone? I might be tired from being up late new years eve, but otherwise I'm free all day (unless I'm lucky enough to find a girl new years eve).
Ok, so sounds like it would be a good idea to meet up at the store. We can just play a few games and I'll run Pathfinder on Sat. I'll be there around 1 PM
With the way the store is setup now, it is very hard, at least from what my Thursday group has found out, to run any kind of RPG there. It just becomes too loud from everything else happening in there to be able to hear what everybody else is saying...especially if you are on the opposite side of the table from the person talking.
The game store will be open on New Years according to their website.
Ok, so, for this Saturday, I will have to work, so I'll be getting to Terry's around 4:30 or so, if I have enough gas.
GREAT!! I get home and my heater has not been running for most of the day. It was 57 in my house when I got home tonight. There seems to be some kind of short with the circuit breaker on the heating unit. :(
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