Monday, October 07, 2013

Saturday, Oct 12th

Ok, so, another week of Kevin being gone.  I believe Curtis will be running Iron Kingdoms again.  If not, Terry will have Rogue Trader for us to finish.

As for me, I should be there, but, I have an alumni thing with my old high school.  Luckily, it is only like 5 blocks from my house and it starts like 9:30 in the morning.  So, it shouldn't be an issue for me.  I'll probably have my stuff with me before I head there.

Who will be coming?

Sorry I didn't make it last week, hope you guys had a good time. Long story, but I'm sure you guys had more fun than I did. And this weekend I'm helping some friends move, so don't count on me to show Sat. Depends on how tired I'm feeling.

As for Pathfinder, I'd like to run on the 19th. Still working on the treasure list, will try to post it by this weekend. The party has 2 months of downtime after finishing Runeforge, so use it to rest, shop, and craft. Terry's PC can cast teleport, so the party has access to markets in larger markets. This means the party can shop using the limits for a metropolis sized settlement, 100 K GP purchase limit for items and 8th level for spellcasting.

And a question on crafting. Are there any rules on crafting items with unusual abilities? Like crafting an armor with shield special ability or vice versa?? I can always homebrew something, but I'd like to stay within the rules if possible.
After looking some more, I might have something. Using the chart for "estimating magic item gold piece values," adding an Armor bonus (enhancement) is equal to the bonus squared x 1,000 gp. And since it is the item would have multiple different abilities, the price of adding the new abilities would increase by 50%. So say I am making a suit of animated mithral full plate of speed (don't ask why, I'm not giving away any secrets.) Mithral full plate of speed starts at 18500 GP. Animated is a +2 shield special ability. The armor is already +1, so the resulting item would be considered +3. Using the armor bonus guidelines (I know, I'm placing a shield only bonus on a set of armor, but it's the most reasonable guideline I could find), this would mean using the difference in price between a +1 item and a +3 item, so 8000 gp. Add the increase for multiple special abilites and it comes to 12000 gp. So the final cost for animated mithral full plate of speed would be 18500+12000 for a final cost of 27500. Does this seem correct for to you guys??
Ok, I stopped by the store tonight since my group wasn't meeting. Ran into almost everybody. Matt said he should be there. Curtis said he will be there. Dwight said he should be there, if nothing comes up. Rob said he will be there as well.

So, as we were leaving, Dwight said that since everybody should be there this Saturday, that we should forgo Iron Kingdoms and play either Rogue Trader or Shadowrun and actually finish one of them off...maybe both if we do thing quick enough. :)
I should be there, though I do have to work tomorrow (blah...) which may impact other folks getting rides... I'll try to let folks know, of course, but if needed, Dwight may need to give Curtis a ride. Sorry.
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