Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Sept the 7th

Hi Guys,

More mayhem in Runeforge.  The party managed to finish clearing out the necromancer and his minions fromt the Ravenous Crypts, but have encountered difficulties and utter weirdness in the Shimmering Veils of Pride.  Mirror-produced evil duplicates, magic missle filled monster closets, and insane improved clones (oops, he's already dead).  What else will the party encounter here and in the rest of Runeforge??

This weekend I'd like to continue with Pathfinder.  I believe I mentioned that I wanted to run Freeport this weekend, but adapting the module is taking longer than expected.  And since I won't have as much time this week to work on it, I'd rather continue Pathfinder (which is ready) than run a half-baked adventure (although it can be argued everything I run is only half baked).   So who can be there this Saturday??


Also a couple things about experience and level. There was an additional story award for the party that I didn't factor in last session. Each PC should receive 7680 xp extra. This should put most of the party at 13th level or very close to it. According to the advancement tracker for this module, the party is a bit behind in level. Part of this is because the party is gestalt, and also has a larger than normal party at times. I've powered up the monsters a bit over the past several levels to compensate, so the party may be catch up by the end of the adventure. If not, there's this side adventure for Sandpoint I've been working on. There's still some unfinished business back there . . . . .
I will be there, but I do have to work, so, it will be around 4:30 or so before I can be there. Since I'm at work and don't have my binder with me, how much did you also give at the end of the session. I wanted to update my character tonight, if possible.
Ok, so, I'm curious. For the Pathfinder game, we are suppose to have these trade out pieces of equipment that are suppose to be getting enchanted. What pieces do we have being done and what bonuses do we have for them?
Paul -- I forgot to write down the amount of xp I gave for last session. I went back and tried to figure from my notes, so I think the award was 4663 xp. Somebody else should check and verify that is the amount I gave out, I'm not sure I accounted for everything when I went back through my notes. Regardless, you each PC should have recieved at least 12343 xp after combining the awards for story advancement and defeating opponents. You'll have to check with Terry/Matt/Rob about what stuff is being enchanted.
I should be there!
It was 4,308 XP. And we haven't had enough enchanting time do make anything for a while. While actively adventuring, we only get 1/4 of a day worth of enchanting for every day we travel or fight, and we have only had four or five days since we last dealt with enchanting/loot.
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