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Saturday, October 7th

Ok, not sure if Kevin was going to start one or not, since he probably wont have anything to run on Saturday.  We finished the Runelord quests and got out of their lair.  We are back in town and doing crafting and enchanting and reading and such.  So, I guess I'll have to go through and make a list of stuff to sell, since it seems we are low on cash.  Kevin will have to post and tell us exactly how much down time we have so all that stuff can happen.

So, as for this coming Saturday, Terry would like Curtis to run Iron Kingdoms, if he is going to be available.  Now, if he is, I'd like to meet you guys up at the store Friday evening, say around 6:30 or 7, so I can make up a character for it, since I believe you all have made them up and kind of started.  I'd not like to waste time on Saturday doing this, since I will have to work and wont be getting there until around 4:30 or so.

But, if Curtis cannot be there and run, Kevin might have something, but that isn't positive, but Terry will always have Rogue Trader, but, he will probably need most of us there to finish this particular encounter, since it is the last encounter on that planet thing we are on.

So, who can be there and lets see if we can get someone to post early enough so we know what we are playing.

Paul -- I am working on a side quest for Pathfinder to make up the difference in xp, but I can have something to run by Saturday. If you can send me the sale list, I'll try to have that ready as well. As far as downtime, there really is not set amount between the end of Runeforge and the next module. I could see as long as 2 months or more depending on the needs of the party. Of course, if you waiting longer gives Karzoug's minions more time to prepare.
Terry wanted Curtis to run Iron Kingdoms if he could, but Curtis wasn't 100 percent definite, so I am working on something as a backup.
I should be there.
Matt, can you check with Curtis on Thursday to see if he is going to be showing up and be able to run? Also, if he is going to run, see if he will be able to come to the store on Friday so I can attempt to make a character up.
Ok, so here is the list. I took out only the cure potions, as I'm sure we aren't going to even think about selling them. Everything else I put in there so everybody sees what we actually have that isn't already claimed. And no, we never decided who was going to get the tomes/manuals:

2 breastplates +1
1 fanged falchion (+1 unholy)
1 headband of wisdom +2
1 diamond dust - 750 gp
1 revelation quill
goods worth 16000 gp
12 mw arrows
2 greater dragon slaying arrows
1 belt of giant strength +4
6 thunder stones
1 lesser bracers of archery
1 chimes of opening - 10 charges
1 mw full plate with onyx ravens (+400 gp because of onyx)
1 half plate +3
6 vials of holy water
2 potions of resist cold 20
2 small mithril shirts +1
1 scroll of globe of invulnerability
1 scroll of heal
1 scroll of remove blindness and deafness
1 wand of bear’s endurance - 38 charges
1 wand of cure light wounds - 46 charges - lvl 1
1 adamantine warhammer +1
1 mw comp longbow str +4
2 cloak of resistance +1
1 pearl of power lvl 2
1 rod of metal and mineral detection
books and manuals worth 10000 gp
2 scrolls - planeshift and binding
1 nice tuning fork (spell component)
gold scrapings - 800 gp worth
2 sapphires - 1000 gp each
12 amethysts - 300 gp each
68 bottles of wine - 100 gp each
books about undead (+2 circumstance bonus to undead) - 400 gp total
10 microscope lenses - 100 gp each
research books - 10000 gp total
1 staff of hungry shadows
1 headband of vast intelligence +4 (nobility & spellcraft)
1 statue of lich - 2000 gp
1 human bane dagger +1
7 mw dagger
mixed jewels, gems and linens - 7000 gp total
1 eversmoking bottle
1 golem bane scarab
1200 gp of equipment
6 ring of protection +1
7 headband of intellect +2 (random skills)
6 noble outfits - 200 gp each
1 cloak of elvenkind
1 robe of arch-magi (evil)
1 gold peacock statue - 800 gp
1 tome of clear thought +1
1 tome of understanding +1
2 handy haversack
1 tome of understanding +2
1 potion of remove disease
1 potion of paralysis
2 mw rancers
2 belt of might constitution +2
2 bracers of armor +3
jewelry worth 32000 gp
1 bag of holding 1
7 spellbooks (one for each spell level from 1 to 7)
1 potion of haste
12 vials of ethillion (helps in crafting magic items)
3 diamonds - 5000 gp each
3 gems of brightness - 13 charges each
6 mithril shirts +2
8 greatsword +1
11 large breastplates +2
11 large greataxes +1
1 moderate fortification mithril breastplate +1
1 adamantine flaming rancer +1
1 ring of major energy resistance - fire
1 ring of counterspell
2 cloak of resistance +3
1 wand of clairvoyance/clairaudience - 31 charges
1 wand of lightning bolt - 25 charges - lvl 10
2 longswords +1
2 rancers +1
1 rod of absorption
1 ring of protection +2
1 glove of storing
jewelry worth 1500 gp
1 dagger +1
1 sadist lash (+1 wounding whip) worth 22301 gp
2 immovable rods
3 scrolls - planar ally, teleport, stone to flesh
1 manual of gainful exercise +2
1 list of runeforge weapon components

Curtis should be able to run.

My character needs some Con boost, but that's about it right now.
Pot roast and corned beef and cabbage. Don't know about a potato yet.
Ok, I showed up at the store and nobody showed up to help me create my character. Kevin even showed and we talked. He will not be showing up Saturday. He also said that he will be busy next Saturday, so, either Curtis or Terry will need to run next week as well.

As for Iron Kingdoms, is there any special way that the characters were created? Is there any specific character that is needed for our group? I have a pdf of the book. I have like 8 hours tomorrow at work that I can try to create a character.
We didn't have anything special in character creation. Creating characters is quick and easy if you have an idea of what you want to create. I don't think we have a need for any specific role filled. We are all members of an arcane order(we get one rank is Lore (Arcane) for free, and magic users gain an ability that increases the maximum number of spells known while non-magic-users gain the Shield Guard ability).

The system encourages gun use by making guns the overall best weapons. (In my opinion, of course.)

We have a roguish elf, dwarven merchant, human sorcerer-tank and human warcaster. Someone with the first aid skill would be nice, but not really required.
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