Monday, August 05, 2013

Saturday, August 10th

Ok, so, Kevin will be out once more this week.  I will also be gone this weekend as well.  I'm out at the Otakon Convention and Kevin has a family reunion.  I know we almost finished the Rogue Trader episode last weekend, all except for like two battles, one of which was the last one.  But, since I'm not going to be there this week, Terry feels that it would not be wise to continue with those two battles without my character present to do the damage only he can bring.  There was some suggestions on playing Iron Kingdoms with Curtis starting it or doing something else, not sure.

So, who can be there and when will you be starting?

Is a Warlock able to use metamagic feats?
Warlocks cannot use standard metamagic feats because they don't cast spells or have spell slots.

There are feats that act on spell-like abilities though, which would apply to invocations.

Don't know what we're playing yet. Curtis may run something (Iron Kingdoms or Only War, both of which sound fun to me). I always have a million ideas in the back of my head, just not sure if I want a third campaign going on (RT and Shadowrun are enough for me to be running, I'll be getting an SR5 game ready after cleaning up the SR4 game and after the book is released).
I should be there.
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