Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sat the 24th

Hey Guys,

Hope you had fun last Saturday, I know a certain dragon who didn't.  Besides finding out the earth elementals are tough as rock and taste like dirt (go figure), somebody killed him and took his stuff , not to mention the nasty things done with his carcass . . . . )\  And the party managed to enter Runeforge in search of a way of stopping Karzoug.  Things could get very interesting very fast.  Thanks to Terry for hosting and dinner.

Last Saturday, I had said I would like to continue with Pathfinder this Saturday, but now I found I out I may have a family commitment to attend this Saturday.  I may not know for certain til the last moment (like Friday night), so it's probably best to just let someone else run this weekend.  So Rogue Trader or Iron Kingdoms or something.  Let you know later if I can stop by.  And I'll run Pathfinder on the 31st.


I'll be there and I should be there around 3:30 or 4 since I do not have to work. If we can get everybody there...oh wait, I think you all said Rob would still be out this coming week, so, looks like Rogue Trader is probably out as well.
If Curtis joins you guys thursday night, please remember to ask him if he's coming this Saturday. I'd rather not continue RT without Rob, but we might not have anything else to do, so RT might be our option if Curtis doesn't plan on joining us.

Flank Steak, corn and asparagus for dinner. Don't know if I'll add potato to it or not.
I should be there, but I think Rob is out this week, too.

Ok, just got a call from Kevin saying that his family plans seems to have been cancelled. He says that he should be able to run Pathfinder tomorrow. He will post later tonight after he gets home.
Ooops, forgot to post last night after I saw Paul had already posted. I'll see you guys this afternoo
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