Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sat the 29th

Hey Guys,

Hope everyone had fun last weekend.  The party found a new friend and got to beat up on some more giants.  And almost got wasted by a bunch of harpies.  Fun times.  Thanks to Terry for hosting and dinner.

This week I'd like to run Pathfinder.  The monsters are getting hairier and scarier, you'll be running into    trouble of mammoth proportions soon.  Who can be there this Saturday??

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And on side note, I'm looking for suggetions on something. As you may have noticed, I like to run different types of NPC's with the party as a way to experiment and learn about the system. Elmo, the most recent NPC, is "sword and board" (or axe and board in this case). He does pretty good damage (105 pt critical hit was impressive), but his AC could use some work. I could just give him better equipment, but I'm trying to keep him within the gp limits for an NPC equivalent to the party's level. So I'm looking for ways to bump up his AC. One thing I have done is to change his feats. Gave him shield focus and greater shield focus to improve that bonus. Also, I gave him the dodge feat since it applies all the time unless flatfooted (big change from 3.5). Haven't looked at fighting defensively or total defense yet to see if they are worthwhile. Any other ideas??
I'll be there this Saturday, but, I do have to work, so it wont be until around 4:30 or so before I can be there.

As for increasing AC, since I didn't go with my usual fighter type this time around, I'm not really sure what is out there. What was his AC before hand and what have you gotten it up to now with those new feats? I know Matt has his up in the mid-thirties.
Paul -- original AC was 26 (+8 armor, +4 shield, +3 Dex, +1 deflection). After giving him a boost to dex and +2 armor (instead of +1 light fort) and changing those feats his AC is 31 (+9 armor, +6 shield, +4 Dex, +1 dodge, +1 deflection).
I'll be out of town visiting family this weekend - sorry!
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