Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sat the 22nd

Hey Guys,
Hope everyone enjoyed the last session of Freeport.   Matt almost got kidnapped and a giant vulture is stealing people off the streets.  Never a dull moment in Freeport.  Thanks to Terry for hosting and providing food.

This week I'd like to continue with Pathfinder.  The party had just driven off several giants raiding the town of Sandpoint with some help from an old friend.  Doing so uncovered some evidence linking these giants to previous troubles the party has encountered.  Now the party must follow up these leads and discover who or what is behind the problems plaguing Sandpoint.  Who will be there this Saturday??

I will be there and I don't work this weekend, so, I should be there around 3:30 or so.
I'll be there.
Hey, I was just checking www.drivethrustuff.com to see if they have any news on Shadowrun 5 and I noticed they seem to have their 4th edition books on sale, but a lot. The 40th core book is going for $15, down from $45. So, if anybody wants to order some books you might not have for your 4th edition collection (they are still suppose to work, mostly, with 5th) here might be your chance to get them.
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