Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Saturday, May 4th

Ok, its Tuesday and Kevin hasn't posted yet.  He said that he would not be running this Saturday, so, we will be playing Rogue Trader.  Who is going to be there.  I might be later than normal.  I have an Otakon meeting Saturday afternoon.  I'm going to try and leave around 3 or so and it is at BWI, so, not far from where I normally have to leave from.

This past week with we ran Pathfinder.  We returned from the fort to a river that had risen a great deal and the town flooded.  We fought some of Kevin's new creations, Shock Crocs.  The could swallow a whole adult human in one round.  Then, we fought some CR 30 creature called Black Magga.  Drained me two levels with two bites.  We drove it back and found out this creature was home to the lake on the other side of the dam.  So, we travelled there and found a big hole in the dam.  We found ogres on the dam, which we dispatched and then we ran into some trolls, which didn't take us long to dispatch.  At this point we had to retreat (find place to rest).  That is basically where we ended it and Kevin gave us xp of like 12,000 or so.

Who will be there for this week's Rogue Trader session?

I should be there.

Shock Crocs... Ah, Kevin - you are delightfully insane! Great stuff!
More flank steaks for dinner, assuming I remember to thaw them out.
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