Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sat the 18th

Hey Guys,

Hope everyone had fun on Saturday.  Giants, giants, and more giants.  The party finally has made it to Hook Mountain and entered into the lair of the Kreeg ogres.   But what evil things lurk in the depths of Hook Mountain??  Giants (duh) and other foul things yearning for blood and souls (again, duh).  Gonna get interesting next time we play.  Thanks to Terry for hosting and dinner (umm, delicious slices of steak).

Hmm , , , , , ,  I'm starting to feel like Homer Simpson.  Anyhow, this week I probably won't be there, so I guessing Terry will have you guys trading rogues again.  Have fun in warp and I'll let you know if I can make it later.


I'll be there and I do not have to work, so, maybe around 3:30 pm or so for me.
I should be there.
Do you have the xp from last weekend, Kevin?
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