Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sat the 27th

Hey Guys,

Just a short post.  This Saturday I'd like to run Pathfinder and continue, possibly finish, this module.  The party has managed to retake Fort Rannick, but the Kreeg ogres continue to be a threat.  And of course there are other evil things in the hills aroud Hook Mountain.  Who will be there this Saturday to encounter them ??

I will be there. I have to work, so will be there around 4:30 or so.
And also some Freeport info. For both sessions the experience award is 19130 xp for 12th level, let me know if I need to figure out for other levels. The party will reach Freeport safely and have 3 months of downtime. Your characters will have time to level up, create things, and sell or purchase stuff. So as soon as Paul can email me a list, I will get it back to you.
That should put everybody into 13th and I know that I'm almost to 14th with that xp count with around 1500 xp to go until 14th.
I'll be out of town doing family stuff this weekend.
I talked with Dwight and Curtis tonight at the store. Curtis does not have a car right now. Both said that they will try to be there for the Pathfinder session. So, I'm guessing that Dwight is going to be Curtis's way to gaming, so, if Dwight can't make it, Curtis wont be coming as well.
Matt, sorry you won't be there to play, I found a dire tiger mini that would be perfect for your PC.
Paul, thanks for the update. I hope Curtis and Dwight can make it, but I will make adjustments in case.
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