Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sat the 2nd

Hey Guys,

Hope you had fun this past Saturday.  So I'm guessing it was another session of Rogue Trader, did anything interesting happen?? Did you send the space station into the Chaos Rift again??  I'm sure Terry came up with something interesting . . .

So it's a new month and I'll be back.  Sorry for the absence, but it's been an unusually bad month.  Anyhow, I'd like to continue with Pathfinder.  Last time, the party had run into a nasty bunch of ghouls (are there any other kind?) and was investigating a creepy mansion with a history of mysterious deaths and other freaky occurrences.  The party had just assisted a revenant achieving revenge on the murderous monster in the basement, but house still hasn't been fully explored.  Who will be there for the finale this weekend??

I'll be there and I don't have to work so I should be there around 3:30 or so.

Also, for those that are playing MechWarrior Online. I got on and played the other day and will try to keep playing as best as I can. My id is Rhyus on there.
Ok, so it sounds like Mech Warrior Online is becoming popular with the group. Maybe I should check it out sometime.

And almost forgot, experience awards. Each PC got 5200 xp for the haunted house and scarecrows. And we're not finished with the house yet . . . .
Dang. I wish I got that xp. :(
Ham for dinner, maybe french fries too.
I should be there.

Yes, MechWarrior Online is great stuff. It is a way to create explosions - lots of them - which has to be good... hehehe.

Thanks for running last night, Kevin - I hope this month goes better for you.

Terry, thanks for hosting, too.

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