Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Saturday the 19th

Ok, seems Kevin hasn't started a post for this week yet, so I'm posting one now to get this week started.  On last Saturday, we talked and Kevin said that he wanted to try and get Freeport this week.  Haven't heard from Barry, so not sure if he will be able to attend or not.  Hopefully he will post on here and let us know.  Hopefully, if it isn't Freeport this week, Kevin will post quick enough so Dwight and Curtis can be informed of the change.  So, post if you can make it.  I'll be there around 3 pm or so.

I should be there.
Paul, thanks for starting the post. I don't believe Barry can make it this week, so I am going to run Pathfinder. I was intending to run Freeport, but I have been too busy this week to prepare it. So I will just continue with the Pathfinder stuff I have ready. Then we can hopefully finish up the side quest and get on with the rest of the module.
Ok, sounds good to me.
Pork roast (the bone-in one that you guys liked last time I made it), apple sauce (I made sure I had some this time), chicken stuffing (to bribe the DM), and maybe a potato of some sort if I'm up to it.
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