Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sat the 2nd

Hey Guys, 

Hope everyone enjoyed Saturday's session of Freeport.  500 skeletons, 499 gigolo wizards (I ain't got no body, no body), and 1 possessed dragon later, the party is in deep trouble.  And that dirty Dirt Elf necromancer is still running loose someplace.  Going to be some interesting times in the lost city next time.  

This weekend I'd like to run Pathfinder.  The party managed to finish up the side quest last time and has restored most of the PC's  abilities.  So back the module and earning the Graverisen feat.  Who can be there this weekend??  

I should be there, and I have full faith in the party's ability to die countless times - hahaha!
I will not be able to make it this Saturday. I will be out of town.
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And experience awards. Each PC gets 2950 xp. Just to check, what level does that put everyone at??
That still puts me in at 5th level. Less than 2k from 6th.

Also, Kevin and Matt. I'm going to be giving Matt the treasure book tonight, if he is at the store, along with all the maps I printed out. There will be one section of maps that goes to you, Kevin, and one section of maps that we keep that is just of the two main cities as well as the area maps and printed text of what the numbers mean on the city maps. The maps for you, Kevin, are maps of buildings and caves and whatever else there might have been in the books that I printed from.
Update: As some folks may know, a lunatic driver plowed into the back of my car Wednesday morning while I was sitting at a red light near my apartment. This madwoman didn't even slow down - there was no squeal of brakes or anything as she dang near knocked my car halfway into the intersection.

In the end, she totaled my car, bending the frame and inflicting over $5000 in damage to it, thus making a 12.5 year old car rather worthless.

Nobody was hurt and she was completely at fault. At least she has insurance. I have no idea how one "doesn't see" a bright blue Ford Focus with all its lights running?! The idiot was probably texting while driving...

At any rate, I have to go car shopping, but hopefully I can make the game, though I will need a ride. I have a rental, but I want to avoid putting extra miles on it.

Yea, Rob told me at the store Thursday night. Sorry to hear about your car. That was a good little car. I hope everything works out good for you.

Ok, I got the treasure book to Rob, along with all the maps. Please try to keep the system that I have for the book the same if you can. I start off by putting down the take and for each monster that has treasure, put down the name of the monster(s) next to a dash then put all the treasure below it. I generally also put any money we get off to the right side with the creature that we get, so that it doesn't take up as much room. When done, just leave the book at Terry's and I'll get it the following week.
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